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Tran's Biography 2

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My name is Tran.  I was born at H C M City, Viet Nam in 1991.  Then, my mother gave me to my grandmother.  So, my grandmother took me back to Cu Chi town, Viet Nam and took care me.  I lived with my grandmother and grandfather.  Two years later, I moved to H C M City and lived with my family.  I missed my grandfather and grandmother very much.  At the age of 6 I went to elementary school.  The school name was Ben Thanh.  This school was very near my house, so my parents could pick up me easily.  For the next five years I went to high school.  Horizon was a school name.  I studied in this school because my parents wanted me to practice English.  2004 was my sadist year so far.  My grandfather died from catastrophe ill.  At that time, I was very sad and I cried much.  I felt pity for my grandmother because she kept her eyes to his picture.  Three years later I graduated from high school.   My parent wanted to have a good future for me.  They convinced me to study abroad.  So now, I’m staying in USA and studying at San Jose state university.  My life is a simple life.  




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