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Tran -- How to ___

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                                     How to get an A in class


      It’s not difficult has get to an A in class if you study hard.  First, you should get up at 8 o’clock to prevent absent or laziness.  Second, you should get healthy diet and make daily routine.  For example, you should do exercise in the morning, sleep enough time and eat diet food.  Third, you need to make a plan your time for a day during breakfast.  After that, you must study difficult words while you go to school.  You had better concentrate on lessons and shouldn't speak own language in school.  Because you also ask all of your questions lessons.  Next, during lunch at the cafeteria, you have to try to solve a difficult problem or wrong answers and read the book.  Then you should go to the library, do homework and review the past lessons.  You can easily borrow book from library.  Finally, in your home you should read the lessons for tomrrow.  Before you go to bed, you might think about your daily routine for each day.  Go to bed at 12 o’clock for enough time sleep.  I think it’s not difficult to get an A in class if you study hard.     

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