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Naoki - The Boy Who Divorced His Parents

Page history last edited by Naoki 12 years ago



Should the judge allow Gregory to divorce his parent?


I think the judge should not allow Gregory to divorce his mother.  I have three reasons.  The first reason is I think she has to compensate him for the damage which he had felt.  She had not played a role as his mother and sent a cards, and letters, and gifts and birthday presents to him as his mother.  So she must give Gregory her affection from now on.  The second reason is his natural mother wants to live with him.  At the time, she didn't have ability which she take care of him.  But she is prepared to live with him because she has two jobs.  The third reason is his mother is trying to become a responsible parent.  She has made serious mistakes, but she should be given one more chance.  Because she is his natural mother only one in the world.  I think Gregory and his mother need to live together and get back the time they have lost.  So, I think that the judge should not allow Gregory to divorce his parents.

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