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Minju - The Boy Who Divorced His Parents

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Boy Divorces Parents


I think that the judge should allow Gregory to divorce his mother. I have three reasons for my opinion. The first reason is Rachel Kingsely has not taken good care of him. We think about Gregory's feelings carefully. When I angry with my parents, I also want to leave my parents, but I already know my parents love me. And also, I felt very carefree when I was protected by my parents. However, Gregory really wants to divorces his natural parents. We can guess that he has extreme stress from his parents. For example, his mother, Rachel Kingsely, who sent him to live with relatives and foster parents. She thought it would be better for Gregory to live with a foster family. She explained that she didn't have enough money to take care of him, but she didn't work and she stayed out all night with her friends. In addition when she lived with her children, sometimes she didn't give food to Gregory and his brother. The second reason is she has many bad habits. Childhood is affected their parents, and formative period. Gregory's mother has too many bad habits. She abuses drugs and alcohol, and she spent more time partying with male visitors than with Gregory and his younger brother. In addition, she sometimes hit the children. Her behavior influenced on Gregory and his brother's behavior in the future. For example, if children experienced violence from their parents, when children become parents, they use violence to their children. The final reason is habit don't change easily. We know this sentence "What is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave." this sentence mean is that it's very difficult break a habit. She said she tried to be a good mother, but I don't believe her. She said, she can be good mother, but she can abandon her children again. So Gregory and his brother felt betrayed from his mother. These reasons are why I agree with Gregory's lawyer’s opinion. I think the judge conclude carefully for future of Gregory and his younger brother. Gregory wants to concern and love from his foster parents. So I support divorce from his natural parents.

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Bakjongdeok said

at 3:53 pm on Nov 10, 2008

you don't agree with me? please agree with me change your mind!

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