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Min Ah's Biography

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Joyful My Life


My life is not special or unusual but very happy and joyful. I want to introduce my whole life. I was born in February 29th 1988 at Seoul "Cha" hospital. When I was born my father went to official trip, so my mother was birth me without husband. Mom said I was looked like tiny cute red monkey. Two years later tiny monkey grew up and went to pre- school. sometimes I cried because I want to stay at home with my mom. But soon I really liked to go to pre-school and I cried at weekend. At the age of 5 I went to kindergarten. That was catholic kindergarten, so every teacher was nun. I really hate memorizing  Lord's Prayer and prayer before lunch time. But I really liked naptime. Three years later I went to elementary school. They have huge tree. Every summer thousands caterpillar fell down from the tree on me. I hate that. When I was 10 years old my little sister was born. I was very happy to have a new sister. My mother cried when she was saw my sister first time because she was really ugly... She looked like a toad, but she is pretty now. At the new millennium my baby sister was born. I remember when she was born I said to my parents "That's enough". I entered the kyungwon university in 2007. My major was "Orchestral Music". But I disappointed to people because every day they drank a lot and never practiced, so I quit my school soon. One tear later, I got a job and I am working until now online. I am P.R manager in my company. I am really proud my job. These are my past 20 years life. In conclusion I had experience these 8 events. I loved my life. I love my life. I  will love my life.

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