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Luan's Biography

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Luan's Biography


My name's Luan.   I am an international student at SAL office.  This is a short story about my life.  I was born in February 1984 in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam.  It was a special day with me because I appeared on the earth.  I began go to the school near the end of 1990 at an elementary school near my house.  For the next twelve years, my main job was study. I graduated secondary school after  ten years. After that, I came back home to take a rest for a few months.  Then I went back to school and prepared for high school.  For the next three years, I studied at Long Khanh High School.  When I graduated, I had a few days for vacation.  After that, I came back to the center of Long Khanh District, and I registered a short course to prepare for the university exam.  It was a hard time for me because I had to study almost everyday.  It was great when I passed the exam one year later.  For the next four years, I studied Computer Science, my major, in Hong Bang University - an university in Ho Chi Minh City.  During that time, I felt very interested, wonderful, and happy because I could learn my favorite major.  I could study, research about computer science and prepare for my future job.  I graduated university in Ho Chi Minh City at age 23.  That was also a happy period time with me because my parents were proud of me.  Then I came back home for a few days to meet my parents. Because I lived far away from home for a long time, I missed them so much.  After that, I came back Ho Chi Minh City and began look for a job.  For the next year, I worked in two software companies.  I felt that I needed more knowledge and English because I could not meet the higher and higher demands of my major.  So, I decided to study abroad, and I prepared individual documents.  I also began to find a school.  After one month of looking for a school, finally I decided to register at SAL – Study in American Language, a partner of San Jose State University.  After a few months waiting for study abroad, I came to U.S in August, 2008.  Now, I am a SAL student. I am learning English in the Fall Semester at SAL. All of events above are important time mark of my life.

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