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Luan - The Boy Who Divorced His Parents

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expositiry writing

Should The Judge Allow Gregory to Divorce His Parents?



          Yes, the judge should allow Gregory to divorce his mother because there are several problems between Gregory and his mother.  First of all, Rachel Kingsleys, who is Gregory's mother, is cold and does not seem to care about him. For instance, she sent him no cards, no letters, no Christmas Gifts, and no birthday presents for many years. He felt that she did not love him and she maybe was not his natural mother.  Second, she is not a good mother for Gregory, who is a twelve year old child. Her selfishnesses have many bad effects on her child. For example, she kept marijuana in a brown box in the living room.  She stayed out all night and brought her friends home and drank. So, she did not know about the health and education of her child. It made the relationship between Gregory and his mother become cold. The result is that the son had bad impression about the person, who is his natural mother. Finally, when he lived with his mother, he lived in bad conditions such as no food and no care. It's unfair with him especially with the child, who just twelve years old. For example, she did not have a job. So, she could not buy any things for Gregory. If she did not have a job how she could take good care of him.  Although she has two jobs now and she regrets her action. But it's hard for her to make the judge believe that she can take good care of her child in the future. So, the decision depends on Gregory. The judge should let him decide for his future. I think the judge had better allow Gregory to divorce his mother.

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