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Kevin -- How to ____

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How to get driver's license


This gives you information how to get driver’s license. First, we should study traffic laws. Although you already have international driver’s license, you’d better study again because each country and state have different traffic laws. You can get documents about traffic laws from DMV and see it by website. Second, you need to apply written test. If you don’t want to wait at DMV, you can take an appointment by website or call after that you must bring passport and pay 28 dollars at DMV. First of all, you take an eye test and take a picture after then you can take written test. The written test includes traffic laws signals. You have 3 chances and maximum mistake is 6. If you pass the test, you get a learner permit. But if you fail all chances, you must take a test again. Third, after you get a learner permit, you can learn functions of car and practice driving with your teacher such as parents, friend. When you can drive well, you need to make an appointment about driving test by internet or call. The driving test fee is free. They also give you 3 chances about driving test. Finally, if you pass it, you’ll get a driving permit. After 3 months, you’ll get a driver’s license by post. But if you fail it all chances, you must do all the steps again!


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