Kevin - The Boy Who Divorced His Parents

expository writing


I agree with that the Judge should allow Gregory to divorce his mother. There are 3 reasons. The first reason is she had not taken care of him. For example, she has never given him things such as cards, letters, Christmas gifts, or birthday presents. And she never showed interested in him. He is just 12 years old. He must be taken care of by his parents. So I think he needs foster parents. Second, Gregory’s environment is very dangerous. His mother abused drug and alcohol, and kept marijuana. In the addition, she sometimes hit him and his brother. Her house is not safe environment for him anymore. So he must change it. The last reason is money and thinking. She is having financial problems. Although She has two job now, She hasn't enough money to take care of Gregory yet. And she thought it would be better for him to live with a foster family while she was having financial problems. Her thinking is very dangerous. Many people have financial problem but they try to live with their children. I think that the family must do everything together. But she didn't try to overcome poverty. Finally, parents have a right and a duty about their children and the law obliges parents to take care of their children. But Gregory’s mother failed in her duty. So I think the Judge must allow Gregory to divorce his mother and to live with foster parents.