Hwan's Biography

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           Hallo.  My name is Hwan.  There were about ten small and big events in my life.  I was born in Anyang on September in 1980.  I lived there until 1994.  I had my own room for the first time at the age 14 after our family had moved into our new house in Sanbon.  I was very happy because I had never lived the room alone.  Two years later, I met two good friends, Jinsung and Heewoong, in High school opening ceremony.  Jinsung sat in front of me, and Heewoong sat next to me.  We were in the same class for two years.  In 1999 I entered Kangnam University.  I expected to make new friends in university at that time, so I joined Venture Club to make friends.  the next year, I met two good friends in university. One named Namgue and the other Jaehoon.  We were in the same major.  that year 2002 was the special year because South Korea International Soccer Team moved into semi-final in 2002 Korea Japan World Cup.  I was proud of our team.  It was fantastic experience because our team was Asia's team that moved into semi-final in World Cup.  Six months later I graduated from university.  I majored in Electronic Engineering.  I traveled to Tokyo in Japan at the age 26.  I went to meet my Japanese girlfriend, and we traveled together for three days.  In 2007 I passed the Japanese language level 2 test.  I achieved requirement to be able to apply for college and vocational school in Japan.  That was also when my sister was married.  I'm happy because I had new brother and he sometimes give me pocket money.  In 2008 I moved to San Jose for English, and started SAL in August.  Now I'm international student of SAL.  In conclusion, for 28 years there were ten events that I am able to remember.