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Hwan - The Boy Who Divorced His Parents

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 expository writing


Bay Divorces Parents


     Should the judge allow Gregory to divorce his parents?  My answer is yes.  I think the judge should allow Gregory to divorce his mother for three reasons.  First, Gregory wants his foster parents.  Gregory, who is twelve year-old, has ability to decide own future because he already had difficult time for many years.  And I think he is already satisfied with time that he has spent with foster parents.  Second, his mother, Rachel Kinsley, has never endeavored to spend time with Gregory before he had left and while he has lived in foster parents' house.  For example, she spent more time partying with male visitors than she spent with Gregory and his two younger brothers.  Gregory says that for many years, Rachel didn't send him anything such as cards, letters, Christmas gifts and birthday present, so she made him think "she forgot about me."  Finally, his mother, who kept marijuana in a brown box in the living room, had serious problems.  She stayed out all night and brought her friends at home and drank.  She looked like a person who abuses drugs and alcohol.  In addition, she had financial problems.  In conclusion, her lawyer say that Rachel Kingsley, who has two jobs, is trying to become good mother, so her problems are temporary.  And she says that she thought it would be better for Gregory to live with a foster family while she was having financial problems.  However I think pleading is insufficient to be the reason that she can get second chance less improtant than the three reasons that I mentioned.  Therefore I think the judge has to allow Gregory to divorce his parents.

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you don't agree with me?

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