Dennis's Biography

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My Life Story


     My name is Dennis. I'm a SAL student. This is a short my life story. December 6, 1983, I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. In 1990, I started to study. For next twelve years, my life only had to study. I left my family and went to Hualien to study college in 2002. Hualien is a very beautiful city in Taiwan. In there i met my good friends. In 2003, this is a special year. I had my first job. My first job was Birkenstock sales. I love this job, because talking with other people is very fun. I graduated college in 2006. In 2007, I went to a small island and joined army. This is every male's duty in Taiwan. On March, 2008,  I first time came to SAL and studied English, but I only stayed two month, because my grandmother was sick. Next month, she left my family. I second time came time came to SAL on August 2008. Now, I'm a SAL student. I want have good English skill to help my job in future.