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Dao - The Boy Who Divorced His Parents

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A family not happy


          These days, divorce parents are happening. I think the judge should not allow Gregory to divorce his mother. He is twelve-year-old but he want to divorce with his parent because she didn't take care of him well. She abandoned him who lives with foster family. She also didn't give to him things such as card, letter, Christmas gift and Birthday presents. She is person who abuses drugs and alcohol. Therefore he doesn't want to live with her because she is a bad mother. But now, she explained what does she do? So we can know that she will love him very much. She didn't want to send him to foster family but she didn't have enough money to take care of him. She didn't have a job, so she thought it would be better for him to live with a foster family. However she never wanted him to be away because she is trying to become a good mother. She will work hard and take care of him better. In the past she had act not good with him but in the future she will have change about her life. I think that he should exempt from taxes for his mother because he is very young, he needs to live with his mother to receive take care from her and she must know her mistake. Each person has a family they need to keep and respect it.

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