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Dani -- How to ____

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How to have a safe vacation


If you want to have a safe vacation, you must not forget to everything to need for the vacation. Check the list carefully.

First, you should find the friend who join with me. Second, you ought to make a plan. For example, make a schedule, decide a destination, how to go there, and what kind a transportation use. Third, you must save enough money. Fourth, you might get information. Such as the weather, language, custom, short conversation sentence, illness. Also, you protect from thief and credit card. Fifth, you’d better make a reservation. For instance, making a reservation for hotel where to stay, ticket for the transportation. Then you should check the emergency call number like an embassy, friend, family, and police. After that, you need to make a preparation list some kind of a medicine, cloth, digital camera, toilet articles, souvenir list which you give to your friends when you come back to home. Next, you should make every preparation that things are buying, borrowing and my belongings. Finally, you need to pack a bag. And then, you might recheck the all of things.

In conclusion check everything carefully and watch out during your vacation.  Because you want to have a safe vacation.



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