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Dani - The Boy Who Divorced His Parents

Page history last edited by dani 12 years ago


 I agree that Gregory divorces parents.


 There are three reasons why the judge should allow Gregory to divorce his mother. The first reason is she had not to take good care of him. She abandoned him because she sent him to live with relatives and foster parents. Also, Kingsley ,who sent him no card, no letters, no Christmas gifts and no birthday presents, was cold. In addition if she gets the two jobs, she won't spend a lot of time with Gregory. The second reason is she wasn't good role model. She abused drugs, and alcohol and kept marijuana. She spent more time partying with male visitors. She stayed out all night. The worst thing is she sometimes hit the children. I can't surely guess her change. It's very difficult to quit smoking, marijuana, drinking, and hitting the children.  I think. The third reason is Gregory ,who can make a judgment and a choice, wants his foster parents. He is not an adult, but he can think enough. Also, he can make a decision. Moreover, his foster parents want to adopt him. Therefore, I agree that Gregory should divorce his parents.  



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