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Cathy's Biography

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My Wonderful Eight events in my life.


         Each person has memories of their life.  Of course, I also have a lot of special memories.  I especially can't forget these eight events in my life.  In 1988, when the 88 Olympic Games were held, I was born in Pusan.  Two years later, my family moved into a new house in Seoul. At the age of 12, I attained puberty like this the other friends.  So I felt nervous at the first time about a boy who was handsome in my class.  After that, when I entered the middle school, I kept company with him.  In 2002, when the World Cup was held, Korea soccer team had a wonderful match, so I drank a lot of beers for the first time with my friends while watching the match.  One year and a half later, I was highshool student ,but I didn't study well because I liked drinking with my friends.  My parents were disappointed me, but I found my art talents, such as drawing and paintingthe pictures than studying literature.  So I started pratice the art.  In 2004 , I met my new family member, Bong-Bong when my mother brought him in our home.  I loved the dog named Bong Bong very much.  The age of 19 was very important time in my life, because it was the last grade before I enterded the university.  In Korea, it was called, "The death of highschool grade 3."  I liked playing with friends but at that time, for one year, I studied hard.  For one year, I never drank.  In the early 2007s, finally I entered an art university.  So, I was quite free.  I started playing again, and I first met my boyfriend at my university.  In conclusion,  I had special memories like this eight events in my life.  Because I'm still young, I don't have many events yet.  But I always expect my special days from now on.  Do the best to make a wonderful memory !       

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