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Cathy -- Fairy Tales

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Title: Beauty and the Beast.

Children's Version



Once upon a time, there was a violent Prince in a palace. So a nymph punished the violent Prince become a beast.  One day, a girl name Belle was lost in the woods. She found a strange palace. Belle and beast Prince met there. They loved each other. However the beast Prince was killed by a hunter's hand who also loved Belle. But the beast Prince was returned to life as good-looking Prince. Because he was being a honest prince by showing his great love with Belle. After all the Prince and Belle lived together happily.    





Title : Beauty and the Beast.

Adult's Version



    Once upon a time, there was a handsome violent Prince in a grand, great palace. Because of his violent personality, a tiny nymph was very angry, and he brought an evil upon himself from the angry nymph. So the tiny, powerful nymph punished the Prince, and he changed to an ugly, scary beast. He also received a flower named red rose from the tiny, powerful nymph. The red rose was the symbol of true love and life for the ugly, scary Beast Prince. One day, a beautiful, kind, pure girl name Belle was lost in the dark, thick woods. At that time, she found a strange, dark , gloomy palace and entered the palace carefully. Beautiful, kind, pure Belle and ugly, scary Beast Prince met in dark, gloomy palace. When beautiful, pure Belle saw him at the first time, she was much afraid of the ugly, scary Beast. Finally they fell in true love each other without their knowledge. However the ugly, scary Beast Prince was killed by a cruel, very greedy hunter's hand who loved kind, beautiful, pure Belle. But the scary, ugly Beast Prince was returned to life and changed into the handsome, attractive, good-looking Prince. Because he was being a honest Prince by showing his great, true love with lovely Belle. He changed not only another person, but also the dark, gloomy palace changed gorgeously, majesty. After all, the honest, handsome, nice Prince and beautiful, kind, pure Belle lived together happily in gorgeous, great palace.    


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