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Best Vacation Place -- Minju

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Paris in France



France Paris is best vacation place. Because, Paris is famous city of culture and art. If you want to unforgettable experience, you must go to Pairs. Paris gives impression to you.  I’m introduces 5 reasons.  First, Paris is representative of cultural city. So Paris has much famous and beautiful architecture.  For example, The Eiffel Tower is symbol of Paris. You can ride elevator and rise to an observation platform in Eiffel Tower.  Eiffel Tower's night view is spectacle.  And Cathedral Notre-Dame was built for the Virgin Mary and this church is famous from the Victor Hugo's novel 'hunch back of Notre-dame's.'Church admission fee is free, but if you want to go up the spire, you should pay special fare. Also famous place of Paris is Opera de Paris. This place established to 1875. Paris Opera house was back ground of novel's 'ghost of Opera.' After that many tourist visited this Opera house and become rose hastily to sightseeing spot.  Second, Paris has much attractive scenery. For instance, Montmartre is center of history and cultural. This street is typical alleyway of Paris. So many tourists want to walk this street and this street is place of creativity and art. Tourist can discover unknown-painter and making movie situation.  Next, Seine River has beautiful scenery. This river has a bridge. The bridge that outspread building of antique style, Eiffel tower, Notre-Dame and so on makes beautiful sight and beautiful seine river right and left do to double value of Seine River. And La Madeleine located to south-west of Opera Theater and La Madeleine is Greek shrine shape.  La Madeleine used to be church now. At night, Madeleine's images receive impressive. Third, if you go to Paris, museum is essential course such as The Louver museum, Orsay museum and Rodin museum. The Louvre museum is very famous and they have 8 parts collection. Pass until European middle age first term in ancient civilization of Mediterranean. There is work to 19th century whole. Orsay museum established to 1986, and museum remodeled train station. Orsay museum located the other way Louvre museum. Rodin museum has famous sculpture to Le penseur and beautiful garden. So if you don't like art, you paid special fee for sightseeing to garden. Fourth, Paris has many fantastic shopping places.  For example Marche aux Puces de Montreuil located at east end of Paris. There have many rare goods. Various goods such as old clothes, accessory, bags and house wares are sell at cheap. And Saint-Germain is street for young man's fashion. This street is lead to fashion. So many young people visited this street. Also, Galleries Lafayette consists of total 8floors to department store. This department store treats high quality goods. Finally, Paris has famous food such as Foie gras, Chateau brianand les petits fours. I'm introducing some well-know restaurants. Maxime established to 1893.  For instance Maxime is very famous that is called place of Paris maximum social intercourse. The restaurant decorated gorgeously. So the building was specified by history souvenir. Many celebrities visited this restaurant. The restaurant have a rule that visitor must wearing suit and long dress. And,  Lasseme is excellent restaurant. This restaurant is famous for tradition French dishes. Atmosphere and service are very great. Famous food of this restaurant is steamed duck that puts orange.  In addition Lucas-Carton established in the 19th century. This restaurant make a specialty of modern French dished.

In conclusion, Paris has many famous architecture, museum, attractive scenery, fantastic shopping places and Well known restaurant. I want to experience culture, art, food of Paris. So I really want to go to Pairs in France. 



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