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Best Vacation Place -- Dennis

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New York


     Everyone have a best vacation place, my best vacation place is New York. I have five reasons. First, New York has many famous museums. For instance, Metropolitian Museum of Art is third biggest Museum in the world. There have three million collections. American Museum of Natural History concentrates on the paleontology, anthropology, and biology. There have a Hill of Human Origin is only human origin domain display in US. Next reason, New York is a big city; many great architects built many great building in New York. For example, Empire State Building is a famous skyscraper in New York. It has one hundred and two floors, and it was the highest building from 1931 to 1973. Many famous movies photograph in here such as King Kong, Sleepless in Seattle, and An Affair to Remember. Trump Building is another famous skyscraper in New York. The Apprentice is a popular TV show in US. The Apprentice is photograph in Trump Building. Third, New York has many place tourist attraction. The Statue of Liberty was a present from France. The Statue of Liberty is New York representative. There have 500,000 Visitors every year. Times Square is New York important place. Every New Year count from end here attracts many visitors in the world. Central Park is a big park in Manhattan. Central Park appears frequently in movies and TV show, so Central Park is most famous park in the world. New York is a leads fashion city in the world, and here is a perfect shopping place. For example, in Five Avenue, people can find many famous brands in the world. People can find every fashion thing in New York. The last reason, New York has convenient transportation system. For example, New York has very convenient subways and buses. People can take subways and buses go to Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn very easily. Visitor don't rent car in New York. Subway and bus are very convenient, so visitor can save more money. Indeed, New York is a best vacation to go if you love big city.





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