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About me:


Groups I belong to:

(clubs, organization etc,-- on or off line)

I'm belong to d1b wc sal program


Contact information:

(e-mail addresses, cell phone, etc,)

Please give me a e-mail: jongduk01@yahoo.com

cell phone: I don't have a cell phone


Interesting/Fun fact(s) about me: 

I like play soccer and video game


Do you like soccer and video game? Join with me.


Thank you!


My favorites is:


Movie:  Star Wars

Food :  Kim chi

Sports team: Totnem

T.V show:  Korea comic T.V Show

Music:   Balad&Hip Hop

Book :    A little prince

Game: S.A


Important words in my life:






My Homework Assignments


Fairy Tales (using adjectives and adverbs)


Best Vacation Place (descriptive writing)


My Life Story (time writing)


The Boy who Divorced His Parents (adjective clauses)


How to.... (process writing)





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