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Bak -- How to _______

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How to Get a Driver's License




It is difficult to get driver's license. So I want to introduce to process of how to get a driver's license. First, you need to gather background knowledge of license such as which book is better, where is the test place or etc. After you find about information, you should buy a couple of book. But it is not necessary that if you have enough intelligent about driver's license. After you finish to study about license, you have to make a reservation reading test, and then you need to go to the test place. But you can take a test in home if you are senior or disabled person. Whatever, this test, which we are call driver reading test, is easier than TOFEL test. But, before you take a test, you need to check up your body. Because, you are make sure of your body's potential about drive ability. After these are the things beyond the minimum score or base, you can reservation course driving test. In this test, you ought to practice your course driving skill. Because when you take a course driving test, it is first time to driving car test. But it is difficult to practice alone, so you'd better practice with some special people who have a powerful driving skill such as driver director, car expert, or etc. But, at least you need to pay a little. Actually, course driving test have 8 sections. Those names are corner test, keep the signal test, park test, and so on. But course driving test is easy as reading test. So if you are able to driving a little, you can easily pass the test. But you must keeping not only middle of mind which is not high also not low, but also practice your driving skill every day. After you passed those two tests, secondly, you can try to challenge the final test. Final test name is road driving test. Actually, I never been took those three tests, but I heard every things from my mother. My mother was successfully passed all tests except road driving test, also my roommate too. They told me that they only made a mistake. But they couldn't go over the last test. So I knew that it is most difficult part on driving tests. In addition, especially in Korea(so sorry. I don't know America rule very well), you have got to take a driving practice 18 hours with car driving expert. And also if you failed to the road driving test, you must practice 10 hours with car expert again. If you pass the road test, after you pay a little money, you can get your driver's license in police station. But please be careful if you make mistake such as drinking drive or high speed drive, and then you are caught to police, you can't use your driver license a few month, and also, Moreover your driver's license is canceled very easily. So, in short, I was display about how to get a license. If you follow my essay, you must get license more easily.




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